Game Of Thrones Theory: Drogon Took Daenerys To Be Resurrected

PT KONTAK PERKASA - In the Game of Thrones series finale, Drogon took Daenerys' body and appeared to have flown to Valyria in order to leave her in her final resting place, but what if he took her to be resurrected instead? At first, fans were unclear about where Drogon ferried Dany off to, after first destroying the Iron Throne. Later when someone asks whether he’s been seen, Sam manages to get out, “He was last spotted flying east, toward Volant-" before Bronn cuts him off with, “The farther away, the better.” Bran dreamily opines that perhaps he can find him, and that’s the last we hear on the subject… forever. But considering Dany’s death and eventual resting place felt like a loose end, fans have naturally come up with their own conclusions about what Drogon’s intentions were. A particularly interesting theory gives Dany a much happier ending than she got on the show, or at least a more interesting afterlife - it posits that Drogon was indeed taking Dany to Volantis for the express purpose of delivering her to the Red Priests so she could be resurrected, like Jon Snow.

PT KONTAK PERKASA - In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, the followers of R’hllor throw their support behind the Dragon Queen, as Jorah and Tyrion see when they visit Volantis on the way to Meereen. There are demonstrations in the streets courtesy of a high-profile priest named Benerro; the widow of the waterfront goes so far as to tell Jorah that the people of Volantis await the Dragon Queen and implores him to tell her to hurry. While nominally the Red Priests support Dany because they believe her to be Azor Ahai reborn, the widow reveals a more immediate reason - Volantis and the Red Priests are made up of many former slaves, and Dany’s mission clearly aligns with their values on an unprecedented scale. So much so that a former slave and now Red Priest named Moqorro also makes his way to Meereen in A Dance with Dragons intent on offering his considerably services to Dany once he arrives.

These events are lightly touched on in the show when Tyrion and Varys arrive in Volantis in season 5 and witness a Red Priestess preaching in the streets about Dany just as Benerro did, and when Kinvara, another Red Priestess, arrives in Meereen in season 6 to offer her services as Moqorro intended to in the books. Clearly the followers of the Lord of Light have invested in the Mother of Dragons in the books, and the show was aware of that relationship, despite not following up on it as thoroughly as fans might have liked. Ultimately, it’s that inconsistency between the way the show and the books treat Dany’s relationship with the followers of R’hllor that makes the theory intriguing and confounding at the same time.

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