ArcheAge 4.5 Update - Legends Return Went Live

PT KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES - The highly anticipated 4.5 update for ArcheAge: Legends Return was launched on April 5th. 

PT KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES - This huge update brings two new progression fresh start servers, Nui and Ezi, which is for North America and Europe respectively. Nui and Ezi will offer time-locked content for the first time in ArcheAge, starting with low caps and systems from the game’s original launch and developing major systems, like Castle Sieges and Hero Elections, over time.

Dragon Mounts are also another major feature of ArcheAge: Legends Return, allowing players to raise dragons and use them as battle mounts. Working with Daru trainers to gain items necessary for the dragon raising mechanic, players can summon black, red, and green dragons, even outfitting them in armor to improve their stats.


Also introduced in ArcheAge: Legends Return are Shadow Invasions, new rift events that occur when a major world boss dies. The Shadow itself will lash out for revenge, requiring players to work together to defeat the new threat, earning themselves rewards like rare materials and Gilda Stars in the process.

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