No Worms or Eyeballs in This Adults-Only Halloween Menu

PT KONTAK PERKASA - Halloween parties don't have to be all about the kitschy hot dog ghosts and eyeball deviled eggs. Instead, plan a menu that highlights pumpkin, squash, apples, and other fresh Fall produce. Yes, black and orange colors make an appearance, but naturally and not artificially. Have a happy adults-only Halloween!

Pumpkin Pineapple Cocktail

PT KONTAK PERKASA - Start the night off by serving guests pumpkin pineapple cocktails, rum-based drinks sweetened with honey and garnished with pumpkin pie spices. Keep a big batch in a punch bowl so guests can refresh their cups throughout the night.

Cheddar, Beer, and Pumpkin Dip

Bake a hollowed-out pumpkin until tender then fill it with cheddar, beer, and pumpkin dip. Instruct guests to scrape a bit of the cooked squash as they dollop the cheese mixture onto the garlic crostini.

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